Prijono Nugroho

Managing Partner

With over 14 years serving Business Owners & Senior leaders, he has won Global awards as Business & Executive Coach of the year and has been inducted into ActionCOACH Hall of Fame in 2015. As an Engage & Grow Master Coach, he strongly believes in creating an engaging working environment to attract high performers and turn you into an employer of choice. With a strong financial background, he currently helps companies to go IPO.  Personally, he is a happy father & husband, who has built a well-balanced definition of success for his own family.  He is your objective and confidential sparring partner to help you achieve a prosperous life.   

Cahyadi Kurniawan

Senior Partner

With 22 years of leadership experience in a multinational company, he has successfully built leaders at each level.  He applies simple yet effective operational strategies to cut through the complexity in running a business. Using ActionCOACH system, he now bridges generation gaps by helping traditional family business owners transform their business into a modern, agile and aggressive machine. He combines Chinese business wisdom and modern management systems to guide various family businesses create a better succession plan.  

Marvin Suwarso

Senior Partner

An ActionCOACH Hall of Fame inductee and a Master Licensee with Engage & Grow. Since 2009 Marvin has helped hundreds of businesses in Indonesia to grow. He's worked with a range of businesses, from micro all the way to multinational companies. His work within the SME sector has focused on taking companies to the next level and helping them increase the valuation of their businesses, which has seen his clients collect national and regional awards. While his work with larger companies have mainly focused on leadership development and team engagement. Marvin’s passion in life is his family, sports, education and business. As an entrepreneur, he is also actively involved as an owner in several education businesses.  

Cynthia Wihardja

Senior Partner

With over 20 years experience in sales, business turnarounds, and entrepreneurship, she focuses on building the ActionCOACH business in Indonesia and coaching selected clients. As a business builder, she creates an environment where her team can grow as leaders. As a coach, she combines her understanding of business and human psychology to provide a holistic approach. She is a coach’s coach, international speaker, and became the first woman inducted into the ActionCOACH Hall of Fame in 2014 for her global contribution.  

Richard Maloney

Founder of Engage & Grow

Rich’s unique engagement and culture program has helped 40 sporting teams to the grand finals, 32 to win championships, and thousands of businesses in over 50 countries to get measurable improvement in team engagement. He now travels the globe as a keynote speaker on improving the quality of leadership minds and implementing culture in organizations. He is the author of The Minds of Winning Teams.  He and his team in Australia personally support all the Engage & Grow programs we deliver at ActionCOACH Jakarta.  

Brad Sugars

Founder of ActionCOACH

Brad Sugars started the ActionCOACH brand in his early twenties. Today the company is internationally recognized as the leading global business coaching firm as well as the leading and most awarded franchises in over 80 countries around the world. Brad Sugars has always been entrepreneurial. At university, Brad Sugars ran several small businesses. Brad’s ability to make companies from every conceivable industry flourish led him to be known as “The Turnaround Kid”. He is a balanced & happy father of five and enjoys teaching entrepreneurs how to build wealth in his annual Entrepreneurs Masterclass.  

Branch Partners & Coaches

Yunita Taniwangsa

Leadership & Team Engagement Coach

After over 33 years in business & human capital, Yunita dedicates herself to guiding leaders to increase self-awareness and self-trust. She is a Mentor Coach for Engage & Grow and has guided companies to increase team engagement up to 313% in just 12 weeks. Her positive and patient nature puts people at ease and allows them to discover themselves step by step.

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