Team Engagement

Employee satisfaction does not necessarily mean engagement. In Indonesia only 8% of employees are emotionally engaged at work. Silo-thinking, lack of collaboration, and poor communication prevent you from reaching your goals faster. You have tried outbound weekends and leadership coaching but nothing seems to yield sustainable results. Our proven 12-week team engagement program comes with pre and post measurements of results. Through this program, our clients have increased engagement, collaboration, and even real financial results in their business. Give us your expected outcome and we will suggest the design that suits you.

Leadership Coaching

ActionCOACH has developed effective programs to guide business leaders in behaviour change, career development, and stakeholder engagement. All sessions are confidential to ensure comfort for the coachee.

In-House Training

Your business grows when you do. We provide skill training to equip you and your team with the knowledge you need to achieve your goals, such as:

  • Mindset Bootcamp
  • Improving team engagement
  • Business fundamentals for business leaders
  • Finance for non finance business professionals
  • Ensuring effective use of your time
  • 5 Ways to boost profits
  • Increasing sales conversion
  • Improving customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Recruiting and retaining great talents
  • Sales management: Creating a high-performing sales team
  • Coaching skills for leaders

we can also customize our programs to suit your needs

Erik Ten Have

Previously COO of Code Jawa

"Marvin worked with the senior management team in my company to create breakthrough insights into how we should work together as a team. He shows us how much can be learned from sports to improve working relationships, setting goals and achieving results. Marvin is a fun enjoyable person to be around with and learning with him is an exciting experience."

Alan Caugant

Previously Sales Director of Volvo Indonesia

"Cynthia assisted me to see myself more accurately, get clear about how to best play to my strengths, and grow in the highest leverage. I learned a lot from her on dealing with leadership challenges and building a high-performing multicultural team. Today, Cynthia’s coaching continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. It’s life-changing!"

Arne Van Looveren

Founder Ydigital Asia

"Engage & Grow program is a positive experience for our team. This program completed our skill because it focuses on the heart of the business, like culture and team building. In 12 weeks, I feel my team is going to the right path and goal. We practice communication to each other in a more professional way. We now know each other better and build a very strong culture in the company"

OLX Jakarta

"This is not like any program that I have experienced before. It’s not a classroom session.10/10."