Complimentary Business Diagnosis

What don't you see? Get a second set of eyes to help you figure out the root cause of your challenges. Using the ActionCOACH framework, we will diagnose your business and recommend some strategies that you can use to achieve your outcome.

Strategic Alignment & Planning

How clear are you on the direction of your business and the strategies to get there? Are you and your partners aligned to a common goal? How clear is your action plan for the next 3 months to enhance focus & execution? Through this one-time strategic session, your Coach can guide you to reach better clarity on your goals, facilitate you to make a focused action plan, and leverage on your team to accelerate success.

Group Coaching for Small Businesses

If you have a CSR project aimed to empower small businesses to increase cash & profits, this is the program for you. Through our mindset bootcamp, coaching curriculum and regular accountability, the ActionCLUB group coaching model has been proven to increase cash in 6-12 months. In addition, this program equips entrepreneurs with the business education and support community they need to get maintain their growth even after your program is over.

Customized Business Coaching

The concept of business coaching was pioneered in 1993 by the founder of ActionCOACH, Brad Sugars. By showing business owners how to get more time, more money, and a better team, we help business owners get the freedom and lifestyle they dreamed of when they created their business in the first place. Ideal for growing businesses who need customized strategies, family businesses in transition, and larger businesses scaling up.

Kaman Siboro

Owner, PT. BPR Universal Group

"ActionCOACH has a proven strategy for improving business performances. The ActionCOACH strategy is very simple and applicable. I no longer need to do trial and error. My mindset and team have turned out more positive resulting positive actions. As an owner, I feel comfortable. Cashflow is healthier and our revenue has increased 100%! ActionCOACH program is highly recommended with no exception for experts or experienced professionals like me and the team."


HER Design

"Coached by ActionCOACH, our profit increases more than 50% with a much more effective system. We are transforming from a typical family business into a professional and systematic company that helps us have a balanced life."

Jane Aurora


"After joining ActionCOACH program for a year, my finance and accounting team is now more engaged and has more initiatives. I can even have a 1-month holiday and they can continue the work as usual without me. Having a coach is exciting because there is someone who pushes you, gives suggestions, inputs and ideas we haven’t thought before. I have one-on-one coaching but the results are also seen in my team. The implementation and result are really great to my company."

Ahmad Saugi

IRGIE Realty Group

"My business revenue grows up to 1000% and profit escalates up to 500%. These are all because of my coaching sessions with Coach Prijono. Thank you ActionCOACH. My team is now more engaged and has more initiatives. I can have holidays and the team works well by themselves"